Bitsy Junior

Bitsy Junior- 3.5-4.5years


  • Thematic learning on my family, fruits & vegetables, healthy food, my body, my school and farm.
  • Introduction to letters, phonic sounds, small and capital letters, and identification and tracing of letters.
  • Pre-math concepts such as big & small, less & more, heavy & light, one & many Counting from 1-10 through hands-on and fun activities.


  • Explore new topics such as animals, birds, garden, plants, trees, flowers, living and non living things.
  • Reinforce the learning of phonic sounds, recognise and write small letters, match small with capital letters.
  • Identification of objects through names and beginning sounds
  • Counting up to 25, tracing and writing numerals up to 25 and understand sequencing.


  • Learn about transport, music, community helpers, sky & space, seasons, public places and the environment.
  • Introduction to word families such as 'at', 'an', 'et', 'it', 'ug', 'ot', etc.
  • CVC words learn to identify, read and write.
  • Count, trace and write numerals up to 50, sequencing, number games from 1-10.
  • Spell and write 3-letter words, read aloud words.
  • Count and write up to 50 number names
  • Sequencing, lesser & greater, before & after, ascending order, counting with coloured rods.